Bug Hunt

Help Us Hunt Bugs

At the moment our biggest CureCancerStarter.org bug is our donation engine isn’t working. We are feverishly working to fix that monster bug, but we need your help to find other creepy crawly bugs. A bug is when CureCancerStarter SURPRISES you. When you expected X and got Y. When you see a SERVER ERROR message or clicked a link you thought was going to a cancer research campaign only to end up in who knows where.

CureCancerStarter.org was a chance for us to try several cost saving ideas such as creating the Cure Cancer Buzz Team to help create awareness and asking visitors to go on a bug hunt and help us resolve site QA issues. Cost savings is important when giving something that costs a lot away FREE for federally approved cancer research centers to use.

I created CureCancerStarter.org as a PAY BACK to the hard working cancer researchers, doctors and great cancer institutions who’ve saved my life. I convinced Atlantic BT we would be able to LEARN cool things we could then use to create ROI, so we have to be creative and keep costs down. Hope you will help us HUNT BUGS.

Almost forgot, Best Bug Hunters will receive pairs of Cure Cancer Socks from CureCancerStore.org (being created now). Use the form below to report bugs on CureCancerStarter.org and THANKS: